fan art Tiffany [SNSD] ^^



Tiffany of SNSD


9 thoughts on “fan art Tiffany [SNSD] ^^

  1. writingbolt says:

    I am unfamiliar with the young women (who I just looked up to identify). But, these are nice drawings/sketches. This is about the level of skill I use/draw on average.

    • thanks… they’re a korean girl group girls generation ^^…
      i’m not really an artist and i didn’t even learn or study drawing properly… i know my skill is quite average! hehehe πŸ™‚

      • writingbolt says:

        Well, don’t put yourself down. You make me feel worse about my skills:P If you aren’t an artist, why draw anything? What made you draw these?

        I’ve taken drawing and art classes, but my family seems to have a faulty learning gene. That, and at least one class I took disappointed me. So, I decided to teach myself (with practice which I have been neglecting to do). Life seems to pull me in different directions, demand other things of me and tell me I am drawing/creating in the wrong place/time. So, I can’t get myself to devote more to my talents. But, I still consider myself an artist, draw as well as I can and pray I can learn to do better.

        I am just flabbergasted by the young people between 18-22 on this blog site that are displaying works far beyond my skills. It’s discouraging to me. But, I can just as well not look and keep practicing:D

      • well my family also don’t like the idea of me being an artist so they never let me enroll myself before when i was still younger. so i just try to learn on my own too, i really drawing, specially when i’m bored or just when i saw something nice to draw πŸ™‚

        let’s just enjoy what we love the most. for me it really doesn’t matter if my drawings are not as nice as the others but as long i enjoy it and love my finish drawings i just can’t help but smile πŸ™‚

        don’t be discourage by other’s skill. it doesn’t mean that they’re better you know what matter is all of us love arts πŸ™‚ i’m also trying to practice more whenever i have time πŸ™‚

      • writingbolt says:

        Bah, family. It’s because they don’t think there’s any wealth to be made in it. Yet, there are artists who do make a decent living doing what they do. And, even if you didn’t do it as a “career,” what is wrong with doing it as your passion/hobby? And, why did my family have to make such a fuss about WHAT I wanted to draw and hanging it in my room? It felt (and still feels) like I was unwanted. It hurt.

        I don’t usually draw when bored…and don’t like to let myself get bored. I like to draw with purpose, to make something for someone who I know wants and will appreciate it. I like to draw/create surprises for birthdays…but that’s a mixed bag for me.

        That’s right. What’s important is that we like our work and enjoy the process.

      • hehe yeah families… i remember i was still a kid i really get depressed when my mama said my drawings aren’t that nice. i guess i stopped drawing around that time… but a friend of mine around HS saw me doodling on my notebook and said it was nice it was like bam it made me happy again.

        sometimes friends ask me to draw them and give the drawing to them as gifts πŸ™‚ these drawings of idols are usually request from my fanclub friends or my niece πŸ™‚ but since lately i have much to do i couldn’t draw. and the bored moments only comes around whenever i’m free of task πŸ™‚ or when i insomnia’s kicking in πŸ™‚ better do some drawings than burn my brain from stress.. hmmm i just realized that it’s almost my stress reliever LOL πŸ™‚

        there’s really a lot of reasons why i draw, i just can’t seem to think of all of it πŸ™‚

      • writingbolt says:

        That’s just it, though. My family often praised my skill at creating things…but there never was a good place to put it. It made no sense. Then, when I saw other kids able to create pieces better than my own, everyone told me I did well or better, which also made no sense. It’s madness.

        Then, I got a big head and thought I was really talented. So, I went to apply for art school and had the recruiter tell me my portfolio was sub-par before taking me and my parents on a very disturbing tour of the works on display. I was so outraged, I turned my back to art school.

      • wow that was a totally harsh experience…
        i think i could take all the criticism my family could throw at me. because i think they know me best… but other people. idk?

        how old are that time when you tried out for art school? school really sucks, they only priorities those geniuses. not that i had a grudge on them or something but aren’t school supposed to be not biased? they should also teach those kids that they say not par from those they had. since everyone love what they’re doing. they’re just crushing dreams instead of building them each time they do that.

      • writingbolt says:

        I was 17 when I decided to tour a local art school. And, while I am sure other art schools may be different, I have not had the confidence to travel far for a chance. It was just such a horrible experience, yet my parents–who I thought would have been disgusted by what they saw–said, as usual, there was nothing wrong with the tour. It just drove me crazy. A whole school covered in pictures of male and female private parts…in all sorts of forms and mediums. It was sick. I don’t think I saw a single picture of a bowl of fruit or anything else.

        School isn’t all bad. But, I do feel art gets a bad rap there in some places. I am sure there are other states or countries where art school is wonderful. And, that might explain why I see such great talents on here. But, my class and my experience did not fit/match this. I have had nearly every form of discouragement and confusing praise.

        I sometimes feel like people are pushing me off a diving board just to see me fall apart, cry or get mad. It seems when I get mad, it’s entertaining. But, I am not amused.

        Prioritize? I don’t think it has anything to do with being genius. It’s more about passing money around. Everyone is looking for tax breaks and cutting costs to make money. I’ve seen too many with college degrees not applying them to work. I feel like the schools and businesses just want to milk people for money and not give a crap how well you learn something. Though, there are some jobs that require understanding of various lessons you get from class.

        Apparently, it doesn’t matter how well you do in English class or write because I’ve found a few professionally published books with visible errors. Where are the editors? Who proofreads the pros’ work? Or, do we all just write as we please and pray someone advertises us as educated stars?

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